Sample AED Policy

This sample AED policy is intended as an example and is not intended as medical or legal advice. Permission is granted to
reproduce this sample AED policy for the purpose of using it as a starting point towards the creation of a formal AED policy. Before preparing and implementing any AED policy, ensure that is fully complies with the directions of your WHS advisor, applicable laws, regulations, corporate policies and manufacturer’s operating instructions.

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is used to treat victims who experience sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). It is only to be applied to victims who are unconscious, not breathing normally and showing no signs of circulation, such as normal breathing, coughing and movement. The AED will analyze the heart rhythm and advise the operator if a shockable rhythm is detected. If a shockable rhythm is detected, the AED will charge to the appropriate energy level and advise the operator to deliver a shock if the AED has a shock button, or deliver the shock automatically if the AED does not have a shock button.

System Owner Responsibilities

  • Selection of medical emergency response team (MERT) members and distribution of MERT member lists as required
  • Coordination of training for emergency responders
  • Coordinating equipment and accessory maintenance
  • Revision of this policy as required
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of this system
  • Communication with medical director on issues related to medical emergency response program including post-event reviews

Applicable Documents (examples)

  • General safety and health standard
  • County AED guideline
  • Medical emergency action plan
  • Infection control procedure for occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens

Workplace Health & Safety Control

The WHS advisor of the AED program is ______________________

The WHS advisor of the AED program is responsible for:

  • Providing direction for use of AEDs
  • Reviewing and approving guidelines for emergency procedures related to use of AEDs and CPR
  • Evaluation of post-event review forms and digital files downloaded from the AED

Authorized AED Users

  • All members of the company’s MERT who have successfully completed training
  • Any trained team member (volunteer responder) who has successfully completed an approved CPR + AED training
    program within the last two years and has a current successful course completion certificate

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